About Me

Christine Hawkins


As a trauma survivor and fellow parent familiar with navigating parenthood and mental illness, I am passionate about breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health, addiction, and parenthood. The best way to destigmatize the intersection of mental illness + parenthood is by sharing our experiences, which is why I created this blog.
I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I’ve recently become a mother, which was my final push to take therapy seriously. Now I share my experience living with my diagnosis and caring for my family.

I hope to curate a space where parents know they can live with mental illness and be good parents. Follow my journey for creative takes on healthy coping mechanisms, rap sessions about therapy, and integrating mental health-positive practices with toddlers.

When I’m not blogging or mom-ing, I’m writing fictional stories about complex characters who are trauma survivors or have other mental illnesses. Find out more about my stories on my Facebook or my Amazon Author Page.