Free Classic Color Sorting Activity Kids Love

Your toddler loves to be engaged with exciting new challenges. I know because mine does too!

When Marceline is in a teachable mood, I can see it on her face – she is ready to absorb some new knowledge. As a proud momma, I love seeing focus and determination shine through her eyes. It can be difficult to create new activities every day, but I have found that spinning the classics in new ways is just as good!

Toddlers love to sort things. From one toy bucket to another, from the floor to the shelf – they are always busy! This demonstrates their growing cognitive abilities and should be encouraged and supported. We can nurture their brain development by providing gentle parameters for them to sort in.

Marci enjoys the classic version of this color-sorting activity using pom poms and painted paper plates.

This classic color-sorting activity can be simplified and made free by using whatever you have around the house. Use toys to make it more fun and to add more engagement. Marceline loves (that’s an understatement) the wheels on the bus song, so she sang the whole time she was sorting because we used a school bus toy for yellow.

Marceline couldn’t resist playing with the fire engine as she placed it in the red spot!

I used plastic plates and a piece of a tablecloth to make the sorting spots. You can also take paper plates and paint the colors you want to sort by. If your toddler is easily distractable (which, of course, they are!) you can always go back to using pom-poms instead of toys.

We loved this spin-off of the classic color sorting game, and it lead Marci straight into free play time by including her familiar toys. Try using different textures or reusing toys like blocks, or even the fake food from their play kitchen set. I know we parents love when we can reuse toys without having to purchase brand-new items for every activity.



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